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Veterinary Teaching Hospital



The Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Huazhong Agricultural University, affiliated with the Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, was opened in 1952. After 60 years of development, the hospital occupies 4700 square meters of space with well-equipped instruments and facilities, and has become an integral part of education, research and service. It is committed to excellence in the diagnosis, treatment and management of animal health, offering the best in patient care, education, research and technology. The faculty members are skilled experts, veterinarians, and professors working on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a variety of animal diseases in livestock, poultry and pets. The hospital also is an important educational facility that provides pre-internship workshops and actual "hands-on" clinical training for veterinary professionals. It plays an integral role in the progression of knowledge within the veterinary field.


The Veterinary Teaching Hospital now has 18 faculty members who have extensive experience in both theory and practice, including 4 full professors, 10 physicians, 3 associate professors and 1 pharmacist. Its outpatient clinic and inpatient department has units including veterinary surgery, internal medicine, veterinary acupuncture, veterinary obstetrics. Units are assisted with sophisticated diagnostic technologies such as hematology analysis, urine analysis, biochemistry analysis, Real-Time PCR System, type-B ultrasonic, X-ray, and ECG detection. The hospital receives over 30,000 clinical cases per year, benefiting both animals and society.


Since the 1980s, the research and application of veterinary acupuncture and anesthesia technology have been actively carried out by our college, and many achievements have been made. International workshops in acupuncture technology have been held multiple times. The professors have gone to America and Sri Lanka to give performances of veterinary acupuncture and obtained a good reputation. 

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