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Diagnostic Center for Animal Diseases



The Huazhong Agricultural University Diagnostic Center for Animal Diseases, responsible for undergraduate education, and the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of animal diseases, is an important clinical training facility for veterinary professional students. Major responsibilities of the diagnostic center include diagnosis and prevention of animal disease, the monitor and control of infectious diseases, and the provision of technical and professional training. It covers both domestic and wild animals, including pigs, cattle, sheep and goats. The center has become a renowned leader in the treatment and prevention of swine diseases in China.


The center consists of sections for clinical diagonosis, histopathological diagnosis, etiological examination, serological examination and a distance tele-diagnosis platform for animal diseases. It is well-equiped with various animal disease examination and research platforms, which enable it to carry out comprehensive clinial disgnosis and monitoring from the molecular level to animal groups in a quick and accurate way.


The center is directed by Professor Chen Huanchun, assisted by Deputy Director, professor He Qigai, and professors Wu Bin and Dr. Tang Xibiao. Among its 23 faculty and staff, there are 10 professors, 11 associate professors and 2 lecturers, making it a well-organized team for clinical treatment, teaching and research. Functioning as one of the major teaching and traning facilities of HZAU, the center has produced a number of extraordinary talents in the field of animal disease diagnosis and prevention.

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