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National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology(HZAU)



National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology(HZAU)

The Unit of Animal Infectious Diseases, National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology was founded in 2003 with the permission of Ministry of Science and Technology. It is dedicated to fundamental, applied and translationalresearch on major animal diseases and infectious anthropozoonoses. The Key Laboratory of Veterinary Diagnostic Preparedness of the Ministry of Agriculture was established as a sub-discipline of veterinary drugs and biotechnology in veterinary medicine with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture.


The two labs offer technical supports for the prevention and control of animal diseases and the training of veterinary professionals in China. There are 28 faculty and stuff in total, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 professors, and 13 associate professors, as well as over 200 graduate students.


Focusing on the prevention and control of Bovine Tuberculosis, Animal Influenza, Pseudorabies, Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome, Streptococcus suis, Haemophilus Parasuis and other important animal infectious diseases and anthropozoonoses, the laboratory conducts research in multiple areas including pathological ecology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunology, pathogen functional genomics and gene regulatory networks. It also develops new vaccines and diagnostic reagents.


Since the beginning of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the laboratory has undertaken three 973 Programs, five 863 Programs, 41 National Natural Science Funds (NSFC), and over 40 other research projects funded by National Key Technology R&D Program, Construction of Modern Agricultural Industry Technological Systems, Transformation Fund for Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements and international cooperation programs.


The lab has been awarded 3 National Awards for Progress in Science & Technology(2nd Prize) and 2 Provincial Progress in Science & Technology Awards (1st Prize). There are 22 patents approved by the National Patent Bureau, and 4 applied national key and new product certificates, 16 registration certificates for new veterinary drugs and 16 agricultural transgenic biosafety certificates. In addition, more than 290 research papers were published, 132 of which were SCI cited. Currently, the laboratory has trained 4 post-doctoral, 54 PhDs and 163 MS students.


The lab has established close partnerships in scientific research with laboratories in Germany, the U.S.A, the U.K., France, Singapore, and Australia. Several international cooperation programs have been established. The laboratory has successfully hosted a series of international conferences, including the 3rd Congress of Asian Pig Veterinary Society, the 1st Sino-U.K. Bilateral Symposium on Animal Pathogenic Bacteria Functional Genomics, and the Sino-U.K. Symposium on Effective Animal Raising, Disease Prevention and Treatment.


Following the philosophy of “Research projects Derived from Veterinary Practice and Research Achievements Serve to Veterinary Industry”, the laboratory strives to convert research achievements into actual products and techniques to better serve society through the integration of production, education and research. The laboratory hosts the annual National Conference on Disease Control and Eradication for Large-scale Pig Farms and has built up a service relationship with over 100 farms nationwide. Moreover, Wuhan Keqian Animal Biological Products was established to bring about their own development models of Scientific Research-Commercialization-Social Services.

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