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International Joint Research and Training Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology



International Joint Research and Training Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology


China-Australia Joint Research and Training Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology of Huazhong Agricultural University (Centre for short) was established on 12th Jan.2015, which was also authorized as Hubei international science and technology cooperation base. The overseas partner is Murdoch University in Australia. The Centre is targeted to enhance human, animal and environmental health; The objectives include: build strengths in epidemiology for Chinese veterinarians; spearhead epidemiological research in Asia and the Pan Pacific region; apply epidemiology to understand and control animal diseases internationally.


Until now, the Centre successfully hosted “Veterinary Epidemiology Training Program for Chinese Veterinary Academic Staffs " four times and trained more than 40 Chinese academic staffs with professional veterinary epidemiology capacity in China. In 2016, the Centre successfully received funding for "veterinary epidemiological innovative international personnel training project” sponsored by China Scholarship Council (CSC), and will initiate the joint education of Ph.D. students in veterinary epidemiology with Murdoch University in Australia. In the future, the Centre is aimed to combine eastern and western culture, knowledge, technology and expertise to provide world class training and research to China, Australia and the wider region by educating people in professional veterinary epidemiology training at different levels (such as undergraduate students, graduated students and young teachers) and extending service to different geographical scales (China, Australia, as well as a wide range of international regions); and continuously strengthening the ability of scientific research and international cooperation in veterinary epidemiology.


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