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Overview of the College of Animal Science and Technology &College of Veterinary Medicine

The College of Animal Sciences and Technology & College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the founding colleges in Huazhong Agricultural University, which is derived from Hubei Nongwu Farming School established in 1898 by Mr. Zhang Zhidong, Governor-General of the Huguang region. The college is set up with 8 departments: Department of Animal production and husbandry engineering , Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Department of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science, Department of Basic Veterinary Medicine, Department of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Department of Animal breeding and and Special-type Economic Animals and Department of Veterinary medicine science.

The College of Animal Sciences and Technology & College of Veterinary Medicine has 190 faculty and staffs, of whom 2 are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 54 PhD advisors, 54 professors, 70 associate professors and 18 lecturers.

For over sixty years since its foundation, the college has build up an education system of strong discipline superiority with distinctive features and a well-established teaching system. Now the college provides three programs for bachelor’s degree (Animal Sciences and Technology, Veterinary Medicine, and Animal Inspection and Quarantine) and two programs for doctoral and post-doctoral training (Animal Sciences and Technology and Veterinary Medicine). The college has established 12 national and provincial research institutes such as the National Engineering Research Center for Livestock, the State Key Laboratory for Agricultural Microbiology, the Reference Laboratory for the Test of Veterinary Drug Residues, etc.

Led by the two members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professors Xiong Yuanzhu and Chen Huanchun, the research teams in the college made the landmark achievement of “One Breed of Pig” and “One Shot of Vaccine”. Since 2011, the faculty members of the college have published more than 500 papers (SCI); won 40 research and teaching awards; 4 registration certificates of New Veterinary Drugs, 7 certified products and 140 authorized patents; developed 5 excellent courses of national level and 5 excellent courses of provincial level.

The college has established the complete education system for training undergraduates, MS students, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows, and joined forces with over 20 reputable companies for training other professionals. At the moment, the college has enrollment of 1382 undergraduate students, 816 MS students, 244 PhD students, 26 post-doctoral fellows, 63 foreigner students and 788 senior technical trainees (MY Plan). The college has expanded international cooperation and established academic ties with universities and research institutions worldwide, and adheres to the concept of featured school-running and connotative development, and aims to develop into a distinctive, high level and research-oriented college. (Updated on May, 2014) 

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