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Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine


Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine


  The Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine consists of Diagnosis, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine sections and a Veterinary Teaching Hospital. As an important teaching and research unit, the department has become an educational facility, delivering veterinary clinical knowledge, providing veterinary clinical service for animals, and training veterinary professionals.

  Of its 15 faculty and staff, the Veterinary Clinical Medicine has four professors, three associate professors, seven lecturers and one senior veterinarian practitioner. They actively participate in veterinary clinical service in a teaching hospital, and provide on-site teaching and clinical training for veterinary students. The task-based teaching scheme makes the curriculum much more attractive, with teaching ranging from traditional classroom-based lectures to laboratory-based classes. Currently, the department offers a total of 11 required and elective courses for professional students, covering veterinary surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics, clinical diagnostics, veterinary imaging, traditional Chinese medicine, animal nutrition and metabolic diseases, and small animal diseases. Among these courses, “Veterinary Surgery”, “Veterinary Internal Medicine”, “Veterinary Obstetrics”, and “Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics” were deemed as “Excellent courses” by the Huazhong Agricultural University; “Veterinary Internal Medicine” and “Veterinary Surgery” were deemed as“National Excellent Courses” by the Ministry of Education in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Five textbooks have been published, which deliver the best veterinary information to students.

  The department values both clinical and basic research and strives to enhance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of animal disease. Their research covers animal nutrition, metabolic diseases and toxicology, clinical veterinary diagnostics, veterinary surgery, the molecular mechanisms of animal diseases in large populations, and small animal diseases. Major research funding includes 11 grants from the National Natural Science Foundation, 1 National Science and Technology Support Program, 1 National Transgenic Special Fund, and over 20 provincial research funds. They have established five standards for the Ministry of Agriculture. Over 100 research papers were published, and nearly 100 graduate students were trained. One research achievement was granted a Provincial Third Grade Prize in Progress in Science and Technology.

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